“Walls” Exhibition

The idea for this exhibition arose two weeks ago.  With DC’s FotoWeek looming, my friend Anthony Smallwood ruminated the possibility of a show featuring the photographer David Alan Harvey.  As the Harvey-show idea dissolved, I suggested a show featuring an aspect of Anthony’s photographic work.  As I sifted through his digital images, a theme relevant to the Palisades Museum of Prehistory emerged.  Most of the “Wall” images exhibited in the cellar chronicle the long lives of the built environment.  Layers of paint and exfoliating facades reveal artistry in these enduring structures.  They also show an evolving beauty.  Ravages of time, interspersed with artistic expressions, demonstrate the “Wall” as artifact.  Ergo, they fit into the museum.

For the many years Anthony has obsessed about “getting the shot”, I’ve have been treated to a prolific stream of images (mostly displayed on a computer).  Beyond the fundamentals of having a “good eye”, Anthony’s success as a photographer is helped by the will of an intrepid explorer.   Matched with free air travel (he works for US Airways), he has fanned out across the globe capturing images of the exotic.  It’s now time for some of these images to be digitally plucked and materialized.

Peek into the world of Anthony Smallwood and watch your step.

-Doug Dupin

Online Image Gallery here

Photographer Anthony Smallwood getting comfortable in the rubble.

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  1. TommyeG says:

    Isn’t there something magical about stones? I am not as serious as Smaillwood or Dupin but as a child and even still I see a small stone or beach stones (sand) and I take them home in my handbag. I might put them in a basket or use individual ones for paperweights. Now, I see the possibility of photographing up close to study those distinguishing designs.

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