Kennedy Center Expansion Project

Back in the spring of this year, I lamented the lack of archeology prior to construction along the Potomac River at the Kennedy Center’s  new River Pavilion.  I investigated the site back in May and wrote about what prompted the visit here.

When I visited the area in May most of the foundations had already been sunk and the remaining earth exposed seemed to correlate to the turn of the century era.   Here was the location of the Heurich Brewing Company and the Arlington Bottling Company – substantial amounts of bottles with the label ABC for the Arlington Bottling Company shows the close operations of these related businesses.

Bottles from both the Arlington Bottling Company and CHR Heurich Brewing Co comprise the bottle cache.

At left, CHR Heurich Brewing Company embossed with hop vine around Washington Monument. At right, Arlington Bottling Company.

Closer to the river at this site, I found some of the following items.

4oz medicine bottle, shell buttons, and porcelain bowl fragments

Unfortunately, I did not visit the site when the foundations were dug, which likely would have exposed the sites prehistoric profile.

According to the environmental/cultural assessment Section 108 meeting for the Kennedy Center expansion, the Delaware Nation was consulted.  The Delaware Nation website notes that consulting fees are charged and that those funds go towards their preservation department.  Since no archeology was conducted at the site, it appears this payment was simply compensation for erasing the sites American Indian component.   Sigh.




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