Latest Works of Art

Here are three pieces I recently completed.

Above is a modified print produced by Frances Lubben.  I left the mountains (middle section) while painting in the upper section the night sky and lower section a glacial lake.   The constellation of Havoc, the wild dog of NW DC, is another stab at building the dog legend.  The frame I built from flooring (the bottom grooved side) and attached wasp nest paper.

I recently added red coral to my braided water-iris piece with opihi shells.   The coral was in a “gift box”  of different beach taxonomy.  I had never seen such striking red and wanted to produce as many wafers from the clump of scarlet coral as I could – enough to line the two borders.  The pieces are fixed to rods protruding from the back board.

The above sculpture is a series of die casts used for threading pipe.  Magnets keep the steel together and help mount it to a block of wood.

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