Failing Marks for Clay Projects

This is one of those blog entries that I am not terribly proud to post.  I have been working with clay over the past two months and the results have been mostly disastrous.

I first built a coil-construction pot and attempted to fire it in a bonfire.  When I placed the bowl in a metal pot and put it in the fire, the metal disintegrated and subsequently the bowl.

I then tried to make a half-bowl dog-head effigy that could be mounted to the wall.  I figured it might be delicate so I used a portland cement wash on the inside to give it greater structural support.   When I dampened the outside of the bowl in order to apply color, fissures started to appear and the half bowl eventually Humpty-dumptied.

After failure, I visited the Katzen Arts Center where I saw this:

Well, if nothing else it gave me the sense that a talentless ceramicist still can do okay in the art game.

My latest foray with unfired clay is below.   It’s an outside mobile made of vintage yoke/barn pulley weighted with a clay/coir slab and a basic anatomical figure.

I’m not sure what to do with it at this stage. For the time being I will leave it to the elements, and probably to my record of clay ephemera.

After last night’s wind the slab of clay remains mysteriously intact!

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