Vandalism Strikes the Glass Forest

Sometime over the past week, marauding kids demolished most of the sculptures that hung in the woods next to Palisades Park. Dubbed the “Glass Forest”, its creator lives nearby and has been laid out with illness for a week. Glass Forest docent, Janice Kaplan, alerted me two days ago, and I relayed to the artist.

At least we still have photographs of the art.

The suspects are under pursuit.

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2 Responses to Vandalism Strikes the Glass Forest

  1. LJG says:

    Hello – forgive me if I am incorrect, as I don’t live in Palisades, but I believe the Glass Forest was destroyed in the derecho. I ran over there in July speficially to see the Glass Forest and this was the condition it was in. It was very dangerous as glass was everywhere, trees were down, etc. Unless it’s been fixed in the mean time I believe this is weather related and not teen related.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions – the condition of the forest breaks my heart!!

  2. Doug says:

    Derecho did damage the Glass Forest but the recent destruction was vandalism. The artist living living close to the sculptures would know. Also, there was a witness who thinks he saw the culprits.

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