My First Archeo Dig in DC

At the beginning of the big dig, I remember my tarps brought unwanted attention in 2002.


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Today’s Find

It’s not in great shape, but remarkable enough for how many people have likely stepped on it. The fire-reddened base drew my attention.

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The Next Project


Hoping to get the skating Amish involved with this project.

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The Fork in DCHPO’s Palisades Rec Center Plan

The Palisades Community Association’s online survey about the Palisades Park Center’s redevelopment shows the gap between the DCHPO preservation goals and public sentiment. Under the heading “Preserving the Current Building”, those in favor of keeping the structure equate to roughly %10 of respondents.

building use

The public-private DC venture, EHT Traceries, had recently recommended a landmark designation for the Palisades Recreation Center, but in this week’s Northwest Current, Wednesday April 8th, Roger K. Lewis thinks otherwise: “The ‘Determination of Eligibility’ for historic landmark designation, based on a study by Traceries, is unconvincing.”


In addition to the background “study,” Traceries, unconvincingly analyzed the “study” and somehow arrived at “historical importance.” In a previous post, I sighed at Traceries’ findings (this before the online survey and a lone comment to my post).

As the goals of Historical Preservation take another whack, the attention shifts (in this sector of the city) to the historical importance of a Spring Valley strip mall on Massachusetts Ave. Maybe the Palisades is too young for help from the Historical Preservation Office (not prehistorically speaking!), but they need to follow at least the simple edict under the Hippocratic Oath – First do no harm.

Roger Lewis ends his Viewpoint with: “Clearly a large majority of caring residents believe that the city should pay heed and do the right thing: Demolish the exisitng center and build a new one.” I would add one more “right” thing – the existing bricks in the recreation center structure should be repurposed . . . and for an outdoor velodrome . . . details to follow.

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Predator of Dupont Circle

Great photos snapped by Anthony Smallwood at his home in Dupont Circle.



The bloody-faced bird is either a Sharp Shinned or Cooper’s Hawk

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Male Builds Nest, Plays Love Songs

Male Builds Large Nest, Plays Love Song from Doug Dupin on Vimeo.

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The Final Crop Circle

The grasses in my final crop circle series eventually loss much of its verdancy. Hedging on the grass desaturation, I applied bright earth pigments to the paper mache. Here is the art’s more permanent state:

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Hay Balle

I hung this bound-up grass/bamboo bale with grape vine.  How long will it last and who vandalize it first are the questions at this stage.

hayballeWhen people ask – “What is it?”  I respond “I dont know.  I saw a big bird fly out of it.”    I’ll survey the responses and report later.

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Crop Circle Art, Stage 2

The once-living works have now reached a crispiness suggesting all life has perished.  The bottom piece has been upgraded (hey, it’s no different than Damien Hirst’s replacement shark).

cropcircle_pieces_evolutioncropcircle_pieces_evolution1 cropcircle_pieces_evolution2

Food for the Body ~ Food for the Soul” runs until March 21, 2015 at the Watergate Gallery

From Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, March 21, 2015:

“Much earthier are the papier-mache slabs on which Doug Dupin has planted rounds of sprouting rye, radish and duckweed. These “Crop Circles” are not the show’s prettiest pictures, but their earthiness is satisfying.”

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Odd Cloud Formation

This peculiar cloud configuration appeared outside my kitchen window on one of these bone-chilling days in Washington DC.  The ripples converge from all directions and form a rectangular box at the center.



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