Tub to Shower Clawfoot Conversion

Here’s my attempt to update my 1924 Clawfoot tub.  I refinished the surface and installed shower/tub fixtures.



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Flock at Sunset

At the end of yesterday’s sledding, a flock of geese fly over.


and down on the slopes, big-wave style on display




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Hillbilly Stocked for the Blizzard

I recently made a caveat to my dry January goal. If I can make it, I can celebrate it with others. Making use of the past several cold days, I freeze-distilled fermented apple cider and got this, applejack:

apple jack

What appear to be berries are my Marechal Foch raisins used in flavoring rums. Nothing here is remotely repeatable, but I’m ready for a snowy cabin party!

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Art Projects for Watergate Gallery

Here are two pieces I completed for the exhibition:

“The Magic Within”
January 23 – March 5, 2016
Opening reception: Saturday, Jan 23, 5-8pm

Title:  Prints Materials: spores, fabric, wasp nest 2016 Dimensions:  47" X 36"

Title: Prints
Materials: spores, fabric, wasp nest
Dimensions: 47″ X 36″

Title: Central Park Materials: Newspaper, pigment, clover, barley 2016

Title: Central Park
Materials: Newspaper, pigment, clover, barley
Dimension: 32″ X 34″

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Recycled Construction in the Palisades

Every now and then, wisdom creeps into real estate development. Here on Potomac Ave., an unusual recycling of building materials – and down to the art.




Over in Ivy City a much grander, industrial scale – the foyer of the recently opened Hecht Warehouse Building (condominium):


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Factoid of the Day

While poking around the databases of Ancestry.com, I came across this factoid obit for a Croatian Dupin (Ivan Dupin, an unusual nationality for the surname):

Had a stroke and was scalded to death in Windsor Hospital when left unattended in a whirlpool while hot water was running to fill whirlpool

Now I understand how Ancestry.com can charge a monthly membership fee. It’s a rabbit hole of info, and with occasional twists fit for a Coen Brother’s movie.

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Latest Crop Now Adorns Wall


I recently replanted the center of this bonzai crop circle art project.

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The Porcelain Thief


I just finished Huan Hsu’s book entitled The Porcelain Thief. Huan documented some of my adventures for the City Paper back in 2006 with his article “Just the Artifacts, Ma’am.” In the Porcelain Thief, Huan is once again digging for (arti)facts and presenting his finds with comical and captivating insight. He primes the reader of his journalistic background and “hunting” interest on p.8 ” …, and profiling an obsessive amateur archeologist cataloging the Paleo-Indian history of his neighborhood (with whom I participated in a number of surreptitious excavations, satisfying an old itch).” Besides being an exemplary writer, Huan fearlessly takes on a daunting task of sifting through countless stories (mostly recounted in Chinese) of his family and the whereabouts of his great-great-grandfather’s buried treasure. In the end, like the ending of my story in the City Paper, the quest’s greatest obstacle is the exhaustion of time.

With the book divulging the likely location of the long-buried valuables, I wonder if treasure hunters have already moved in?!

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The Month of February 1929


A friend gave me this giant newspaper bound book of the New York Times for the month of February, 1929. It’s fascinating reading Trotsky trash-talk Stalin (surprising that Trotsky lived another ten years before Stalin had him assisinated).

As this is pre-stock market crash, unease about speculation in the financial markets, as well as concern for workers is a recurring theme.


Here is an advertisement demonstrating a general naivete about tobacco.


Social Darwinism is also a theme of the time. Here a remote tribe in the Amazon is given the curio treatment. The subtitle to a photo of some villagers hanging out in front of their hut:


With some of the Cuiapo-Pihibi Who Spend Their Days in Sleeping and Smoking Cocaine, and Are Rapidly Dying Out of Existence.


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Inconspicuous Artifacts

Here are three artifacts recently exposed during a demolition on property overlooking the Potomac. They are not easy to recognize as human artifacts!

At left is a quartzite scraper that I already mentioned in a previous post.

At middle is the base of a spear point made of rhyolite. The style resembles Savanna River points but rhyolite was rarely used by this group in our region.

At right is a small fragment of soapstone (probably a piece from a bowl). The sherd’s width, faint scratches, and touch to feel, betray this piece as something more than just an ordinary rock.

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