Memorial at Sea

Returning Dad back to Mother Nature

memorial1memorial memorial2

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Looming Pieces

My latest sculptural completion (or nearing so).


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The Variation of Prehistoric Pottery in the Palisades


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Living with Big Trees

This jumbo branch had been hovering above my entrance for the past month.  I’m rather proud that I managed to get it down with minimal damage yesterday.

treebranchathouse eavedamage

bigsycamorebranchAnd now sculpture:





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Early North American Tattoo

Here is a recently completed rendition of the Cincinnati Tablet whose design is based on the stone’s bas-relief.

The tablet and others like it are found in southwest Ohio.  A leading theory of the tablet’s use posits a template used for tattooing.   Since I dont have any tattoos, I thought I would put one up on my house.


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Finds from the Garden

Quartzite tools from the garden of 5769 Sherier Place.

gardentoolsb gardentoolsa

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Soil Sifter

I got this thingamajig today which I believe to be a sand/soil sifter.   It seems ideal for sifting for sharks’ teeth.

vintagesifterIn spite of its age I don’t think it has seen much use.

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Not Much to Look At

Here is something that would not draw the attention of the civil war relic hunters scouring the old Battery Martin Scott on Potomac Ave.  On an eroding rampart there, I found these which I believe are pottery sherds of a style I have not seen.  They appear to have the flat-sided form of Marcy Creek ware with perhaps one being a piecrust rimsherd.  The accretions have quartz as well as a heavy marine component.  Under the loop you can see fan shaped shell fossils.

sherds3ms sherds2ms sherds1ms

The historical images of Battery Martin Scott make a difficult fit for today’s landscape.  Considering that these are found in earthworks constructed during the Civil War, I don’t expect the rest of the original vessel to be intact within 50 meters of the location.  Of course this could be historical – pieces of something like a crude, thin mortar.


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Wealth Inequality (at the top of the food chain)

In spite of living in an affluent neighborhood in Washington DC, I always need to recalibrate the $$-meter when visiting my parents in Incline Village, NV.  The community lies on the Nevada side of the the CalNeva line that bisects Lake Tahoe.  Beauty, proximity to the Bay Area, and state income exemption lures the well-to-do this Sierra town of 9,000 residents.  There are two community beaches among the shores’ many private residential beaches.


Incline Village “Hoi Polloi”, at right.

And among the private beaches, there is another quantum leap to the apex of the economic food-chain.

duffieldbeachThis beach which measures around 1000 feet long, and nearly always empty of a soul, is owned by billionaire David Duffield.   Besides the grandeur of this private natural resource, the scale of the compound under construction only further boggles the mind.

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Making Pickles with Verjus

Since starlings, cardinals, and mockingbirds devour any grape beginning to blush in the vineyard, I’ve opted for harvesting verjus (unripened grapes).  Because verjus can be used as a substitute for vinegar (e.g. dijon mustard), I thought I would try using the acidic juice as a medium for making pickles.  This summer I planted two productive cucumber plants and a plot of nasturtium which I use for flavoring.

verjusgrapesI then deploy a child laborer into the vat of acidic grapes and play music while the child is whipped into a frenzy.

squeezingverjusnasturtiumsIn addition to the nasurtiums, I flavor with salt, garlic and coriander.



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