Developments on the C&O – Fletcher’s to Georgetown

I’ve been unable to get information on this new temporary dock structure (plus boat racks) that recently sprung up near the historic incline plane between the C&O Canal and Potomac River.   The folks at Fletcher’s didnt know about it, but described more woes about whats happening at this segment of the canal.   The NPS is planning to drain the canal between Fletcher’s and Georgetown for 18 months because of work on the locks in Georgetown.   Some water exits the canal into the Potomac River at Foundry Branch, and had they built a berm there, it would ensure a dry environment for Georgetown work, while keeping the canal at Fletcher’s open for the next couple years.   The NPS opted against that.  Another historical loss is Fletcher’s Boathouse winter boat repair and repainting.   In spite of their careful and environmentally safe method of repainting the boats in the parking lot of Fletcher’s, the new contract stipulates that boat maintenance be done elsewhere.   The slow creep of things like this continues.


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Thanksgiving Kalua Turkey Luau-Style

For the second year in a row I cooked the Thanksgiving bird in the fire pit.  Bit of guesswork as to when it would be ready, but my 10-pounder was cooked thoroughly after being in the pit for 3:15 hrs.

fireandrocksThe beginning of the fire with cleaned boulders on deck.

A little bit of seasoning, sesame oil, and potatoes inside

dressedbirdWrapped in banana leaves and chicken wire and paraded to the fire pit.

20161124_114609rockarrangementCovered with a tarp and gaps of escaping smoke are sealed with sand.

dsc_0001-4The final product – Kalua Turkey





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Large Soapstone Bowl Fragment

steatiterimsherdinside steatiterimsherd steatiterimsherdprofile

A neighbor found the above steatite rimsherd recently by the Potomac River.  It’s a very large fragment of a soapstone bowl.  Chisel marks are visible on its surface.

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Slingstones from Stoneage Hawaii

Here are two different types of sling stones on display at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.  The ones on display were mostly of a subtle football shape, with the rare exception of the star-shape one at top.


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Memorial at Sea

Returning Dad back to Mother Nature

memorial1memorial memorial2

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Looming Pieces

My latest sculptural completion (or nearing so).


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The Variation of Prehistoric Pottery in the Palisades


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Living with Big Trees

This jumbo branch had been hovering above my entrance for the past month.  I’m rather proud that I managed to get it down with minimal damage yesterday.

treebranchathouse eavedamage

bigsycamorebranchAnd now sculpture:





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Early North American Tattoo

Here is a recently completed rendition of the Cincinnati Tablet whose design is based on the stone’s bas-relief.

The tablet and others like it are found in southwest Ohio.  A leading theory of the tablet’s use posits a template used for tattooing.   Since I dont have any tattoos, I thought I would put one up on my house.


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Finds from the Garden

Quartzite tools from the garden of 5769 Sherier Place.

gardentoolsb gardentoolsa

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