Hay Balle

I hung this bound-up grass/bamboo bale with grape vine.  How long will it last and who vandalize it first are the questions at this stage.

hayballeWhen people ask – “What is it?”  I respond “I dont know.  I saw a big bird fly out of it.”    I’ll survey the responses and report later.

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Crop Circle Art, Stage 2

The once-living works have now reached a crispiness suggesting all life has perished.  The bottom piece has been upgraded (hey, it’s no different than Damien Hirst’s replacement shark).

cropcircle_pieces_evolutioncropcircle_pieces_evolution1 cropcircle_pieces_evolution2

Food for the Body ~ Food for the Soul” runs until March 21, 2015 at the Watergate Gallery

From Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, March 21, 2015:

“Much earthier are the papier-mache slabs on which Doug Dupin has planted rounds of sprouting rye, radish and duckweed. These “Crop Circles” are not the show’s prettiest pictures, but their earthiness is satisfying.”

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Odd Cloud Formation

This peculiar cloud configuration appeared outside my kitchen window on one of these bone-chilling days in Washington DC.  The ripples converge from all directions and form a rectangular box at the center.



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Historic Preservation Rears its Deformed Head Again at the Palisades Park

The ten million dollar upgrades scheduled for the Palisades Recreation Center now has the Historical Preservation Office advocating for the field house facilities to remain intact.  After poor performances in the last few Palisades Park developments (e.g. the Jessie Baltimore house demolition, the destruction of the prehistoric camps at the soccer field, lying about planned archeology in the parking lot, the historic preservation people (DC Historic Preservation and EHT Traceries) have now deemed the existing Palisades Recreation Center “eligible for the national register.”  The collateral damage of this statement can be seen here:

palisadesparkrenditionIn the forefront will stand the existing field house, with a giant addition tacked on the back.  This addition is located in the back so as to not obscure the view of the building now garnering historical interest.    Assessment of the building’s historical importance was conducted by EHT Traceries and can be found here.

fieldhouseIn spite of the depression-era building providing little aesthetic value, the historical interest seems largely based on an obscure bureaucratic first:

The “Palisades Recreation Center is significant under National Register criteria A, C, and D:
(A) Associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history.

The construction of the Palisades Recreation Center was an important event in the development of the modern recreation system in the nation’s capital, and is representative of the public improvement programs of the Depression era.

(C) Embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction, or that represent the work of a master, or that possess high artistic values, or that represent a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction.

The Palisades Recreation Center is characteristic of the Colonial Revival style, and represents an artistic blending of architecture and landscape design by the National Park Service, Branch of Plans and Design.

(D) Have yielded or may be likely to yield, information important in history or prehistory. The Palisades Recreation Center property holds considerable potential for both prehistoric and historic archaeology.

Therefore, it is recommended this property is eligible for listing in the National Register.”

The fact that somebody can use these reasons to claim historical importance is mind-boggling.  When historical importance is based on this much subjectivity, it certainly weakens the whole historical preservation mission.    The fact that a division was created within the NPS to design recreation centers in the 1930′s does not constitute an important event, and the Colonial Revival style holds little artistic value.   As for the final point D (above) – archeological importance!?   So . . . the answer is to develop a large area that has been previously undisturbed?    On the archeological issue, the assessment reads:

The site of the Palisades Recreation Center possesses a high level of potential for archaeological investigation, as determined by a preliminary archaeological survey of the property in 1984. Shovel test pits at that time located undisturbed soils on the site that contained both prehistoric and historic artifacts.19

Yes, this report went temporarily missing for the last few park developments, but evidence for the prehistory at the Palisades Park should be pretty well established at this point (unless you have carefully avoided using the internet for research).

According to sources that know more than I about the city’s intentions, the ten million dollars available this year might be jeopardized if the field house demolition approach is taken.  As typical, the process for park improvements is being driven by developer concerns. The other recurring theme is how the DCHPO continues to have a negative impact on the Palisades Park. With ten million dollars to burn fast, the DCHPO process is something (apparently) to avoid.   Perhaps the HPO does good work elsewhere in the city, but for the Palisades, I think we would be better off without their oversight.

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Watermain Break @ MacArthur and Newark

This line started to erupt yesterday around 1:30pm and had been gaining momentum up until sunset when the water abruptly stopped/shutoff.   Crews are working on the water main now.  The gusher excavated a large hole that extended below Newark from MacArthur Blvd.

watermainbreaknewarkmacarthur  watermainbreakmacarthurwatermainbreakmacarthurclose

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Sled Day

4-5 inches of snow at Dino Park.

Max Skeleton in tunnel

Max closeup skeleton

Zen skeleton rider

Zen skeleton rider

marco air

Big Air Finn

Big Air Finn

gus approachguslaunch

Gus comes off sled and plants the landing

Gus comes off sled and plants the landing

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Crop Circle Bonsai Art

The photos are from the Watergate Gallery’s exhibition opening last night.

Food for the Body ~ Food for the Soul” – February 7 – March 21, 2015

My pieces are the crops growing in paper mache. The info placard:


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Smug Man Poster Gets Lice

These DC posters continue to refresh themselves on electrical boxes associated with traffic lights. Portraits in the Palisades are coming down with bad cases of LICE .



An earlier rendez-vous:




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Pet Detective Services

As the Havoc search continues, I was called today by a neighborhood man trying to retrieve his cat. Apparently the feline has been spotted in a neighbor’s basement window and its imminent release is being anticipated. (News Update Jan. 10, 9am – after police get involved,
Goose the cat is released) In the meantime, I provide footage of a beautiful animal trying to avoid human adulation/intervention:

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One of my Favorite Things

I took advantage of the meteorological conditions today – between the first two skaters on Thursday afternoon and the hordes to follow on Saturday, some of today’s Friday skate:

and on Saturday, Gus gets a ride

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